The following file contains the Turnierkragen coat of arms in different formats and resolutions.

The following file contains some coat of arms of Norway in different formats and resolutions:

The following ZIP file contains the scanned files of Boris Baron von Lüdinghausen. Attention, the file is more than 16 MB big.

The following file contains the family saga of the von der Lippe family of the city of Oldenburg (german language only)

Followed by a file with several additional ressources for the family of Oldenburg (genealogy, pictures, etc.):

The following graphics of the Oldenburg line are available as PDF documents for printing and glueing together:

The following file is a hand painted family tree of Vinsebeck of Friedrich von der Lippe Either as a JPG file or as a PDF file with single pages to be glued together.

The following link points to the book “Aus meinen Erlebnissen als Burenkommdant”:

The following link points to the book “Personalhistoriske Efterretninger om Familien von der Lippe” of Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe:

Scan of the newspaper Paderbornschen Intelligenzblattes No. 44 of the year 1824 (see also family chronicle volume II, page 179):

PBIB_44_1824.pdf (ca. 3 MB, pagewise generated)
PBI1824_v_web.jpg (ca. 1.5 MB, complete front page)
PBI1824_h_web.jpg (ca. 1.5 MB, complete rear page)

Scan of “Historische Remarques uber die neuesten Sachen in Europa. X. Woche 4. Martii 1704” (Historical remarks about the newest issues in europe), a kind of very old news magazine:

HistRem1704.pdf (ca.5,6 MB)