Coat of Arms

The coat of arms shows, as long as it is known, two black turnierkragen above in silver.

A detailed description can be found in the “Book”, volume II, chapter “Das Wappen”.

The following picture shows the main appearance:


As it is usual with many coat of arms that exist for centuries, several variants have been created in the meantime like the same coat of arms without the repeating turnierkragen in the upper helmet area. More diversed variants often show diversions of family branches or unifications with other families.

Some templates and scans are available in the download area..


The above picture with the expressive color interpretation has been created about 1840. It is not clear whether this has a special reason or is the result of artists freedom only. Unusual is also the number of the “Lätze” of the second turnierkragen row. If anybody knows more he free to tell me.

Unclear as well is the seal of Margarethe von der Lippe, who lived in the 16./17. Jahrhundert in the area of  Bordenau. The origins are not documented.So, if anybody knows more, just leave me a message.