The American Vanderlip

Bevor I begin to talk about the american families, I would like to take the chance to refer to Dennis Vanderlip’s famous website  that contains all relevant information about the american families.

According to information of  Frank Arthur Vanderlip, his family developed from William Vanderlip or van der Lip, who came 1756 from the Netherlands to America and settled in Pennsylvania. It is highly probable that he was not a Dutch but a german who has gone to Holland only for the reason to emigrate to the new world. The reason is that after the transfer from Rotterdam to New York he didn’t stay in New York that was a dutch outpost, but continued his travel into the wildernes of Pennsylvania, where already hundreds of german emigrants, mainly from the rhine area, lived.

From some “Vander Lippe” it is known that they are descendants from the norwegian vdLs (with a detour via germany).

Other members of the family with the name “von der Lippe” in the United States removed the “von der” from the name. Maybe to avoid association with Germany.