Assumptions about the Origin

This panel with the assumptions about the origin of the familie was pusblished in the family chronicles of Viktor von der Lippe

As the sources of the time of the birth of the family are very scarce, these theories are correctly addressed as assumptions. There are also contrary theories available that are for instance based on a published document of Max Scheele in the “Deutschen Geschlechterhandbuch, Band 194, Zweiter Ravensberger Band, Verlag C. A. Starke, Limburg an der Lahn, 1987: Seite 3”.

According to that theory the following parentage would also be possible:

Kracht I Edelherr von Grove,
* ... (about 1050), + ...,
documented 1120/30 to 1130/40,
Herr auf Grove

Amelung I
Edelherr von Grove,
documented 1130/40 to 1167/70

Amelung II.,
Edelherr von Grove, documented since 1179,
Stadtgraf von Paderborn 1185-1217
oo I. Regelinde
oo II. N. von Atteln