The von der Lippe of Norway


A wide spread family that is still alive are the von der Lippe from Norway who came from Bremen in the 17th century and settled in Bergen. As an obvious sign of their westfalian origin they used a heraldic sign with a Rose with four leafs and a bar crossing through the coat of arms (bastard line?). Some parts of the family may have used the 'Turnierkragen' seal, but this should [ or maybe 'it is probably'; this is a very archaic grammatical structure in the original] be an usurpation.

Description of the coat of arms from the book “Norske slektsvåpen” by Hans A.K.T. Cappelen, 1969(he has also a Website with heraldic information:

“Split in two in silver and gold by a black bar to the left, in the first area a red rose. On the helmet a red rose between silver wings.”

For example the  Internet Domain is registered by a norwegian maker of musical instruments.

A family history of this family exists called “Personalhistoriske Efterretninger om Familien von der Lippe med naermeste cognatiske descendenter samlede op bearbeidede af Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe architekt op stadsconducteur, Bergen, 1883” that contains the following genealogic and biographic information. The time after the release of that book is also documented very well.


The above coat of arms is a combination of the coat of arms of the norwegian von der Lippe and the coat of arms of the family Borchgrevink (walking black dog).

Three different branches are to be distinguished:

I. Jacob von der Lippe
from Bremen, got the right of a citizen [I am not sure, if this is the right expression] in Bergen at January, 17th, 1655 and died 1702 leaving a wealth of 3512 Reichstalern [one of the currencies at that time]. He was married to Gjertrud Hermannsdatter (Hermannsdaughter) Senncchen. 5 children.

II. Joachim von der Lippe

from Bremen, died around 1703, got the right of a citizen in Bergen 14. October 1680, became Stadthauptmann (town captain??, responsible local government official) and married with royal permission of 19. Mai 1680 his cousin Menche Jacobsdatter von der Lippe (daughter of  I.) , 7 children.

II. Lüder von der Lippe

from Bremen, got the right of a citizen in Bergen at 2. Oktober 1671, married  at 14. February 1671 Anna Jorisdatter, 1 son.

Even today you can still see the legacy of the family like with the Kjottbasaren building (Meat Bazaar; - the translations to other languages on that site to other languages bear some funny expressions) in Bergen.

According to the records or the Central Statistical Bureau of Norway there are in Norway oin 2010 79 persons with the name von der Lippe and in addition 6 persons with the name Lippe registered.

Based on the current  name law in Norway nobody can use the ‘von der Lippe’ name freely because there are less than 200 persons with the name von der Lippe (This and many other information I am grateful to Jan von der Lippe).

The best known person with that family name in norway is the actress Anneke von der Lippe. She was born at July, 22nd, 1964 and has been an actor in several movies and theatre plays. She was even nominated for the Emmy (best foreign TV series). Even if she didn’t get it, she won several other prizes like two times the norwegian Amanda Prize of the norwegian movie industry, the international Chaplin prize and the Danish Brodil prize. Some of the movies and TV plays where she participated are listed in the Internet Movie Database.


Interestingly the familiy name can be seen in the public. Here an examle of the “von der Lippe” Street in Oslo.


And now some additional impressions from norway:

Biskop Jacob von der Lippe

Biskop Jacob von der Lippe

Sogneprest Johan von der Lippe

Anneke von der Lippe

Nur Wolken bewegen die Sterne

J. or.L. von der Lippe

J. or.L. von der Lippe