The “von der Lippe” in Portugal

The first (and timely limited(

Das erste (und zeitlich beschränkte) appearance of a noble man with said family name was the Conde (count) de Lipe, who was fetched from germany, to reform the military forces (infantry and marine) together with the merchant marine. This happened about 1750-1755 at the time of the reformer "Marques de Pombal", in the era of the 3rd dynastie in Portugal. Inspired by the name of the Conde de Lipe were also named the mussels, that can be found in Lagos (Algarve) at the "Meia Praia” beack. They are originally named "Conquilhas" but the inhabitants of Lagos called them "Condelipas" after the count’s name. By the way they taste famous steamed with onions, tomatos and garlick. But as the Conde de Lipe is a member of the dynasts, we will not consider him more and concentrate on the more current timeframe.