In the world!

In the whole world families with the name von der Lippe exist, either related only by name or by blood line. In the following some families outside germany will be shortly presented.

The Dutch family van der Lip

The family van der Lip of Holland, idiomatic transformed from von der Lippe, has its source in Brügge, where Jan van der Lip has been juryman in 1536. His son Johan van der Lip went to Utrecht and was the origin of the van der Lip of the town of Leiden.

The netherland van der Lip claim to be the origin of the american Vanderlip family.

The most detailed information about that line can be found under

The Lippa (Lippe) von Kozarzow

The brothers Girzif (Georg) und Samuel Lippa, also their cousins, the brothers Niklas, Georg and Johann Kozarz and the brothers Thomas und Elias Hkrzeczek were raised to the “böhmischen” noble level by Kaiser Rudolf II. with Diploma d. d. Prag, at 3. Mai 1590 with the predicat “von Kozarzow”. The family originaly came from the dukedom of Oppeln.


At least some australians a descendants of the norwegian family that immigrated in the 1950s.


A complete family line in Africa is not known. At least some people of the Vinsebeck/Sandebeck line (a Werner von der Lippe has been born in Kiubis) and some people from the Oldenburg line are known in the colonial age.