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In the past I got several request from all over the world for information about the “von der Lippe” Family with the coat of arms with the two “Turnierkragen” and its history. Therefore I would like to use this web presentation to present some of the information that I have.

If someone has suggestions or otherwise information that should be included here, don’t hesitate and contact me.

I recommed a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher as some of the provided pictures have a high resolution.

I wish you a pleasant stay on this web site.

As english is not my native language and I am not a professional translator, forgive me some errors and translation faults. A lot of the more detailed material is not translated, because I think this is more or less of interest only for people doing a kind of local research. If you would like to read it in english, let me know. If I have time I will try to translate it. I hope that my translation is often better as with automatic translation tools because of the often ancient language.

Carsten von der Lippe

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